Proximity Alerts

SmartTrac analyzes several visitor profile and behavioral attributes to identify high value prospects, and notify you before they arrive at your booth. Moreover, connect your CRM account and get notified when a CRM prospect is either near you or approaching your booth. Have your best staff on red alert at the right time.

Prospect Profiling

SmartTrac constantly gathers intelligence about each visitor based on their profiles and activities – like session attendance, booth visits, and audience interactions. SmartTrac technology brings together all of this data to help you gain a deeper understanding of every visitor at your your exhibit.

Automatic Contact Exchange

At events, networking happens at your booth and beyond – even at the most unlikely places. Had a meaningful prospecting conversation at the coffee station? We’ve got you covered. Our cutting edge smart badges track face to face interactions along with the time of the meeting, location, and meeting duration. Contact details are exchanged automatically. No need for swapping (and misplacing) business cards. No more awkward badge tapping, or QR scanning – everything is touchless and automatic and secure!

Collaborative Lead Management

Every single data point related to your booth, like booth visits, and people that your exhibit staff connected with is synced to our cloud so that your colleagues onsite at the venue and at your global offices can collaborate, take notes and follow up. Assign roles, and push your prospects to your CRM account.

Data Privacy and Security

At Hubvents, we take data security and protection of user privacy seriously. We understand that security and privacy are critically important to our clients, so we employ the highest standards of privacy protection. Event visitors are informed about the onsite ambient tracking technology and are given the option to opt out of tracking. Upon opting out of SmartTrac the visitor’s badge tag is deactivated, tracking is disabled, and the beacons immediately stop collecting data. Visitors and Exhibitors can rest assured that their data is entirely secure.

Event Journey Report

Visitors get access to complete journey reports. These journey reports include details such as a timeline view of booths visited, people met at the event, including time of the meeting, duration, and location of the meeting. Visitors no longer need to collect, manage or risk losing business cards

Smart Venue Maps

Visualize visitor interactions with our interactive SmartMaps. Blips represent visitor movement across the show floor. Filter by profile attributes for segmented audience views.

End to end Audience intelligence

View granular data about every visitor based on their interactions on the show floor. Visualize macro trends based on filters that you define.

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