Intelligent Analytics.
The heart of SmartTrac

Booth visit analytics

Since booth visits are automatically recorded and synced in real time with the Hubvents cloud. Drill down to granular analytics and trends:

• How much time did decision-makers spend at my booth?

• How many CMOs visited my booth?

• How does my exhibit’s performance compare with my competitors?

Real time Trend Analysis

Hubvents constantly gathers data about your visitors as they move around the show floor.
Visualize trends and respond to situations that warrant intervention or remediation:

• How many Sales VPs are in attendance right now for the ongoing session in Hall B?

• How many people in the $100K-$200K annual income range visited luxury car booths during the Auto Show?

What is the average time they spent in those booths?

• What were demographic distribution and performance results at my premium stalls?

Predictive Analytics

Our complex algorithms analyze visitor behavior data and provide predictive intelligence to make your show more successful in the future.

Data analytics and post event reports

Our powerful audience visualization software allows organizers to generate post event reports and analyze what went right, and what didn’t.

Collaboratively share notes with your team and identify areas of improvement for your next event.

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