CEBIT 2015

Hubvents worked closely with the incredibly effective CeBIT team to plan every detail of the deployment. A week prior to the event, the Hubvents deployment team completed a site visit of the convention center and charted the layout of the conference and exhibitor arenas.
As per the event plan, the setup of all exhibitor stalls and conference halls were completed the night before the event. With around 12 hours left for the event to begin, the Hubvents team arrived at the venue to initiate SmartTrac deployment. The entire deployment was completed in 1 hour.

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Data Reports

Hubvents SmartTrac’s data-driven insights enable exhibitors, organizers and
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Hubvents has designed and engineered an industry first automatic
lead discovery and intelligence platform.


Showfloor Presentation

Understanding buyer and seller behaviour patterns on the show floor is key to unlocking a wealth of insights that can power data driven approaches.